To keep track of our water usage, a picture is taken of the water meter each time we visit our plot at Vegas Roots Community Garden. If you visit the plot and are able to take a picture, please add it to the Water Log or contact us. This is a very important aspect of our footprint at the garden, as we aim to keep it as small as possible. Irrigation and meter were installed February 4th, 2012.

With so much data we are now able to track water usage over time. Here are some simple charts to know at a glance how our garden has fared since the end of summer 2013. We did the best we could with the week to week tracking but some weeks we were unable to note the meter reading, some weeks we got rained out, and following our leak we laid off watering for a bit. As a result, the water data is difficult to parse out and determine exact water usage by week. The readings we were able to collect are as follows and represent an overall picture of what a decent sized garden would use with drip systems and hand watering. If you have any questions or comments please post to our blog to initiate a conversation. 

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